I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness. ☀️
Omg… This is almost exactly what I want my next piece to look like! I can’t wait for this summer, because I’ve been wanting to get my thigh tattoo done for a long ass minute! It’ll be my first color tattoo!  (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
Uhhhhh repost! 💯✌️👌 #OnPoint #ShoutoutToTheLoyalFemales (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
Behind every great man is an even greater woman. 💲💯❤️ (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
Every King needs a Queen. 💯❤️ (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
Finally! It’s so hard to find ripped jeans in plus sizes anymore! I used to have a pair of ripped jeans, but then I got fatter! Lmao I finally found a pair! These are my new favorite jeans! 😍 #RippedJeans #MyFavorite (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
👥💔 (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
I guess I was the retard for the night. ✌️ #OhWell #Lmfao #HellaAteShit #3amBullshit  (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
•💲• (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )
I love them. @aharo530 @enriqueemiranda141 @ophelia_cofer @_rogelio_gonzalez_  (at theStreetsOfWillhoes. )